Chapter 1

As Min Jae walked down the hallway, he felt someone watching him. He didn’t know how, because he lived with his parents and sisters in a huge red brick house; just outside Atlanta. No one was home except he and his parents, who were taking an evening stroll along their backyard trail. He shook the thought off and continue on to his room which was just ahead of him. With blue trim around the off-white door that had been that same color since he was young. He turned right and entered his room. The dark indigo walls that engulfed him as he walked in, and as he closed the door he flipped the switch revealing…

Chapter 1
It was 12:00 pm on a Friday afternoon, Evan was walking with his cousin Min Jae along the promenade as they discussed Min Jae’s crush. They hadn’t walked that far when Min Jae heard someone call out his name. “Min Jae-ah!!” they both turned and saw a tall, beautiful, female college student, with long dark black hair, clear skinned, walking towards them. She was wearing a white collared shirt, a dark blue pullover sweater and her sleeves were rolled up exposing her korean tanned arms. She sported a black Korean hip-hop Boys/Girls snapback hat with black K-style sunglasses. She wore black skinny jeans and brown laced boots with white shoe laces. As she near them, both Evan and Min Jae rolled their eyes. “This is not a fashion show! It’s the promenade!”, said Min Jae out of frustration. “Min Jae- ah! Does it look like I care?”, she said back. Evan looked at her and couldn’t take his eyes off her, Min Jae noticed and shoved his elbow into Evan’s stomach. Evan winced and turned to Min Jae glaring at him and asked him why he did that. Min Jae looks back at the girl and says, “Noona, seriously!” Yuri Kim, who already had a surprised look on her face from the elbow shove, shuffled quickly over to Evan to see if he was okay. “Michael, wae?”, Seo Young asked Min Jae. Min Jae gave her the ‘are you really asking me that question’ type of face, let out a deep sigh, did an about-face and started walking away from the incident.

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