If I ever see EXO-L in live concert…

The day I see EXO live in a concert will be the day! Seriously, when they first debuted I thought “Oh! another boyband with 12 members… girls are going to be swooning all over them. Yes, they are attractive but I’m not going to pay too much attention to them. Maybe one day I’ll check out their music…
It was probly a month later that I was on tumblr and all I was seeing was exo this.. exo that.. & honestly I was thinking about unfollowing everyone who was an exo-k, exo-m fan. 
But then I decided to at least check them out. Not thinking I’d get hooked. The first songs I heard was ‘What is love’, ‘History’, ‘Mama’. At first I was like oh their okay. Soon Maxstep came out, and I saw Kai and thought “Wow he looks so much like Taemin
Then Wolf and Growl were released. At first I was hooked on Wolf thinking nothing can be compared or better than Wolf. My friends kept trying to convince me that Growl was better. And even now I still like Wolf better than Growl, though I must admit the dance for Growl is better the Wolf dance.
Out of all the members I paid attention to KaiChen, and Baekhyun the most. My best friend likes Chen so I figured I should pay attention to him. When ‘Miracles in December’ was released it stayed on repeat. My birthday is in December so I felt that the song came at the right time and I played it probly 30+ times on my birthday. That’s when I pretty much fell in LOVE with D.O’s voice. Now I’m always able to distinguish his voice from everyone else.
I was listening to WolfGrowl, and Miracles in December so much that when Overdose came out I tried to avoid listening to it. (lol don’t ask me why, cause I still don’t know) I was on FB one day and saw this vid of highschool korean girls and I clicked on it. Who knew that this song was Overdose?! yeah I surprised me when I heard the clapping, I was so confused. Then I started noticing the idols of Exo’s voices…
Ended up checking out Overdose. And pretty much the rest is ‘history’ *lol*
But all in all I love EXO and will forever be an EXO-L!!!
I must admit I wasn’t much of a Kris fan until he left and all. But Luhan I definitely miss.
Sorry my story is so long. Def the longest post I’ve ever dared to write or should I say type:)  

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