What makes you stupid, dumb or even a kiss-up?? (I had to share this…)

Merriam-Webster defines Stupid definition as:

a :  slow of mind

b :  given to unintelligent decisions or acts :  acting in an unintelligent or careless manner

c :  lacking intelligence or reason

With that in mind let me continue on with a story…;.

Yesterday, I went on a ‘hike’ with Events & Adventures (a organization in Nashville to meet up with people your age, and basically just to get more involved in different activities – being more sociable). We went to Richland Creek Greenway, it was beautiful park that’s on a golf course. It was 2 and 1/2 mile walk/hike/run on the entire trail. I was able to meet some pretty interesting people my age and they ended up being really older than me.

Anyway, after our walk we went to The Local Taco, which was nearby. After ordering our food we sat down and waited. While we waited, somehow we got on the topic of people who are ‘stupid’. Example: ‘You’re smarter than your boss, it shouldn’t be that way, it should be turned around the other way or you should find another job.’

*Aaron* told us about this girl at his last job that he just hated because she was SOOO stupid and was a kiss-up. Apparently she was working there a year before *Aaron* arrived. She was a director’s assistant and the only reason she got that position was due to hanging around the higher people, asking questions, and joining in their conversations. [In my thinking, she was learning, not kissing up(kiss a**) to them, there’s a difference] Within 2 years she ended up being a director of some people who had been working at the company for 4 years, and the only reason she was able to reach that high position was because one of the other director’s asked her a question. She answered it with the ‘correct’ answer (prior to that she asked someone else a question similar to that and they gave her that answer – *Aaron* said that it was wrong of her to answer the question the way she did as if no one told her the answer before.. and the director thought she was ‘so’ smart and promoted her). *Aaron* thinks this girl is STUPID and DUMB and a KISS UP. What do you think?

This conversation struck a cord in me and made me sooooo MAD. Have we gotten to the point in this world where asking questions about something you know nothing about, makes you a kiss up??? Why has it come to this? Since when did asking questions become almost a sin. (at least that’s what it sounded like to me – it was so looked down upon) Since I wasn’t there I can’t really justify what the girl did, but I will say that I don’t agree with *Aaron* at all and he didn’t even have a great reason for hating her. I know that there will always be haters in this despicable world we live in, but honestly this was a stupid reason for hating someone else. It almost sounded like he was jealous of her position.

What I gathered from *Aaron‘s* story was that he hated someone who has a ‘fighter’. Someone who wanted more out of their job and wanted to learn all they could about other departments to help them understand the business in which they worked. She was a go-getter, she took initiative and was a very active team player, no matter what others thought about her, always asking questions. And before long she reached the director’s position, because her employers saw that eagerness in her eyes striving to be better at her job and wanted someone like that leading others to *Aaron* decides to focused on the ‘negative’, that she’s just a kiss-up, stupid and dumb. It was a really sad story and bothered me so much, that I just needed to share it.

*[I changed the guy’s name for the sake of privacy]*

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