Love Letter – Kpop Style [I actually just sent this to my crush yesterday]

Hello, Call Me Baby because it’s 2pm; listen to my Heartbeat while it’s going Zoom Zoom Zoom like a Rocket. Instead of Boy in Luv I’m a girl and a Love Like This is like Wow, Fantastic Baby. A
BigBang has just occurred, I wanna be your GFriend if I can call you my Boyfriend. I feel like I
Got7 lives because Girls, Girls, Girls they love you, this girl, that girl all day; cause you’re Sexy,
Free and Single. I can hear you singing Taeyang‘s I Need a Girl and so I volunteer. If I Wolf will you Growl?? You know I’m a Transformer trying to find the El Dorado. I know I’m a Trouble Maker of Hopeless Love cause You Are The Best. At the door like Ring Ding Dong cause I like Nobody, nobody but you. Gee, if I need to I’ll say Sorry Sorry, but there is No Other potato that makes me Crazy crazy baby. I wanna keep our song on Replay, replay, replay. I’m like Jay Park singing that Baby you are my Star, but instead I’m singing Exo because I’ve been Hurt so many times before just wanna Erase the past. Feel like I just knocked on the Bad/Danger-zone, but I Don’t Care. In Just One Day our relationship could be Dope, but I don’t know what’s going on BTS in your mind. There’s a 200% possibility you don’t feel the same way. I feel like a Loser and if you say “Let’s Not Fall In Love” I’ll respect your decision. Meanwhile, I’ll be singing Joah & Seventeen other songs. But all in all I just wanted to let you know that I Like You Fan Gui, you are my #2.

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