WHo in kpop groups would do well going solo?!…..

What do you do when you have so many ideas rolling around in your head?  Then you get cursed when you speak them aloud, they just fall out and overwhelms your brain that you just shut down. How about the forgetting factor? I hate it when that happens, even when you write it down (it sounded so much better in my head). 

I’m cold. 

Yesterday, I was thinking what idols in kpop look weird in the groups their in. It’s all about their talents. Top was the first person to come to mind, yes I did think of GD but I also feel that Top stands out more. He raps but is so bingu he doesn’t ‘dance’ dance. And then his wanting to go design furniture was the most bizarre career I’d heard from any kpop star, but then again it’s Top. ☺ I feel that out of BigBang, everyone would do well except for Seungri. 

So you have Top from BigBang then you have ALL three members from Exo-M that have left. Honestly now that I think about it, they are better by themselves. Why? On their own they can grow and survive on their own. It took me a while to realize that, but now that I do I decided to make a list of who can survive on their own, not needing a group to success. From Exo-K, I could only think of 3 guys: Kai, D.O and Chen. All three could go solo, whether it’s acting, solo singer or modeling they would do just fine. 

Onew from SHINee was my next thought. I love his voice and think he should do more OSTs. I mean all the members of SHINee would do okay by themselves. Taemin ‘s voice has developed so well, since Key is a fashionista he would probably pursue that route, Minho is great at sports, Jonghyun – singing as well.

The leader of CNblue as well as the leader of FTIsland; both of them are great musicians and actors. All of Super Junior could all go solo and  be just fine. But I will say Heechul was my pick of the group who has such a weird personality.

TVXQ and JYJ was definitely the best decision. Why? Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu can always go and do their own thing; whereas U-know and Max need the support of each other. Not saying that JYJ should have happened earlier (because I love DBSK’s music) but now that they have split up, it’s def for the best.

Jay Park. ☺ He’s a solo act. He stood out a lot in 2pm, thank God what happened in the past happened so that he could grow more in his music. I know it may seem harsh now, but if you look and see what he has accomplished since then IT was def the best thing to happen. Also all of 2pm can go solo and do well. 2am is the same way.

It’s a good thing Jessica left when she did. Now Taeyeon is able to show us her voice. I didn’t like Jessica at first and I never knew why, but when she left it left a whole in my heart for SNSD.. I can only listen to their old music now. But Taeyeon’s voice is amazing and honestly never knew her voice was THAT angelic. 

All of 2Ne1are pretty much going solo right now anyway and everyone, but CL’s, progress is known. 

All the new girl groups I cant see any of them going solo.

Vernon and Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN (new kpop boy band of 13 members) can go solo now if they wanted to and would be fine. 

Seeing that JYP is developing a new girl group that’s supposed to be like MissA.. hm does that mean that MissA may disband?? I mean Suzy, being maknae and all I doing fine without the group. I mean how is that maknae doing better than everyone else. I know they say they don’t have a leader if anything Suzy almost seems like she has a double role of being the maknae as well as the leader.
This is one of the reason why IU wasn’t put in a group with 3 or 4 other girls; other than having an overpowering voice it just wouldn’t have worked. 

SS501. They’ve all gone solo and are doing well. Kim Hyun Joong is too minus that whole girlfriend/baby scandal mess. But I still love him and his music.

The Boyfriend twins can go solo, by the way what’s up with Boyfriend are they even still together??

Hm who else!?

Oh I’m soooo happy BAP is coming back☺ they could all go solo, especially Daehyun. I just LOVE his voice, so melodic, graceful and angelic. 

Leo from Vixx, I know he stand out and after I heard that song he did with Lyn; I can definitely see him go solo and make it. Reason he is my bias, yes he looks, acting and is weird(my love) but he can stand on his own two feet and walk forward.

*sigh* I feel like I’m missing someone…

Anyway this is my drawn out list 🙂

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