love stories.. or just stories that I imagine of what love would look like for me..

Multiple times a day I create stories in my head about someone I like at the time…

Yesterday I had 2 stories about this one guy, 1 story dealing with my first love and 1 story about a guy I said wasn’t going to make a story about… 
These stories in my head are not very thought out. Whatever sounds good at that time goes in the story. Usually I speak to myself out-loud in my car, cause it’s easier to remember the story.. I have thought and recorded myself telling the story aloud, but it gets to be soo long and sometimes I have road rage mixed in that.. and yeah too many things happen when I’m driving then the recording tends to be almost an hour long with only 20 minutes worth of a story.. so I don’t go that route anymore. 
When I do have multiples stories about 1 guy, it does get confusing but then I have to try to remember the factors within the previous story so I don’t mix the new one with the last. (I should probably do bullets points, but I always forget to).
I’ve had a story that was 1-week long about this guy I liked. I don’t remember who it was, but to me it was probably one of my favorite story that I ‘wrote’. I only remembered the gist of the story 2 days after I was done. Now I can’t even remember any details. 

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