The day I met HIM

As I walked across campus to my first drawing class I couldn’t help but wonder if I would like it or not. I’ve had my own style of drawing for many years and just wasn’t sure if I was willing to change that and adopt the way my instructors were teaching. What if my drawing became worse?! I mean they look at least half decent now.. I sighed as I walked into the animation bldg; looking around I took it all in. Yes this is the place where I want to be for the next 4 years of my life. Heh not standing there though. I raised my phone to my face to see what time it was, okay good, I had 10mins to find my class.

*i have so many posts.. that i just havent finished up* 
**enjoy.. and this is not true*
***these are my stories that i havent published yet*

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