The Day Everything Changed

After reading Really Professional Internet Person by Jenn McAllister; I decided to make a YouTube channel called Let me hear you say, ‘Fly’ of me making covers of my favorite songs. I decided to go with pop and gospel songs to start off but wasn’t getting many views, so I studied my Korean really well and started doing Kpop covers as well as J-pop and C-pop covers. It seemed like overnight that my subscribers grew and I was getting over 1,000 views on my videos. I started to get really popular in the Kpop ‘cover’ world on YouTube. Soon I had over 5K subscribers and was going to VidCon, Comic Con, KCon, and even started attending BeautyCon. I enjoyed seeing so many of my subscribers, I even was able to do covers with various YouTubers and celebrities like Jason Chen, David So, Tiffany Alvord, China McClain, Victoria Justice, and Selena Gomez just to name a few.

*i have so many posts.. that i just havent finished up.. so i’m posting them left & right… * 

**enjoy.. and this is not true*
***these are my stories that i havent published yet*

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