What makes me excited^^

Mama called me as I was leaving Metroplex from visiting Tanya. She asked me to stop by her work to pick up something to take to Mrs. Lyles. Puzzled I said okay and started driving to LifeWay. Luckily I had left at 1:30pm so YAY no traffic! Once I arrived at LifeWay, I saw my mother standing outside holding bags in her hands. I pulled up and she place all four heavy bags in the backseat of my Camry. I’m not sure where the other two bags emerged from, cause I swear I only saw two. I said, ‘I love you’ as she looked relieved and smiling, then she waved goodbye as she walked away to head back into the building. 
As I pulled out into what little traffic there was, then merged onto the interstate I called Mrs. Lyles. She answered, “Nashville Christian Advancement Academy, this is Glenda speaking”, I smiled and replied, “Hi Mrs. Lyles, this is TLeah. My mother gave me some bags of books that she wanted me to drop off. Is that fine with you?”. She very happily said yes and that she would be happy to see me…
Hanging up, Ricky, her husband, asked who was that? She said it was TLeah, she’s bringing some stuff I asked her mom for. Mr. Lyles smiled, said okay and walked away. Mrs. Lyles gave him a weird look then walked back to her desk where she was finishing some paperwork. 
 As I pulled up into a parking space below the steps, I did not notice another black car beside me. Opened the door, stepped out, closed the door, opened the back door grabbed the four heavy bags, shut the door with my feet then walked up those 7 or 8 wooden steps leading to the school. Somehow I was able to open the side door.. I saw a student and asked him where I could find Mrs. Lyles, he said in her office. Duh. I slowly walked to her office because the bags had gotten heavier and didn’t noticed someone behind me. I knocked on her door with my right knuckle, she looked up and smiled and said, “Meiko, can you help her with those bags?” I didn’t really hear her but I figured she was speaking to her husband, Mr. Lyles. I felt someone reach for the 2 bags on my left hand and arm and let them go free. As I placed the other 2 bags down, I noticed that this person was wayyy taller than me. I looked up and saw Mr. Lyles first and said hi, then turning I saw HIM. Meiko. I almost died, but kept a straight face and said nothing to him, then sat at a chair in front of Mrs. Lyles desk. Meiko was very surprised and his dad could see it in his face. Mrs. Lyles asked Meiko, her son, to get me a glass of water; looked somewhat annoyed he did what he was asked. He came back with a room-temp glass of water. Handing me the glass, we made eye contact and I said, “Thank you Meiko” (and that was pretty much it). He became SUPER frustrated. Mr. Lyles was cracking up, but was doing a horrible job of hiding it from Meiko.  
*fake names.. lol I don’t remember when I wrote this.. but I also didn’t finish it.. *

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