3: Good Feelings

Write a list of at least 50 things that make you feel good.
  1. eating korean food
  2. finding my favorite color anywhere
  3. being alone
  4. drawing
  5. listening to music with a good pair of headphones/earphones
  6. sleeping
  7. walking on the promenade at SAU
  8. talking to Hyeri
  9. looking at cat pictures
  10. watching my fave kdrama
  11. listening to osts
  12. listening to any of my song favs and finding new artists on soundcloud or spotify
  13. daydreaming
  14. wearing the color blue
  15. having to do nothing really to my hair
  16. talking to someone I REALLY care about
  17. summer weather
  18. taking a super long walk in the heat
  19. listening to VK
  20. classical music concerts
  21. being in my room
  22. not worrying about the time
  23. playing music related games
  24. drinking boba tea
  25. listening to music and picking out the instruments used/played
  26. creating stories in my head and speaking them outloud
  27. playing with cats
  28. watching star wars
  29. watching action and adventure
  30. looking at pinterest
  31. watching variety shows
  32. watching kpop vines
  33. editing photos with photography apps
  34. being warm 
  35. staying in one spot
  36. listening to calming songs that make you wanna cry – to release stress
  37. harmonizing with other ppls singing
  38. singing
  39. learning kpop dances
  40. throwing frisbee
  41. playing soccer
  42. eating yummy food with friends
  43. drinking coffee and relaxing at a coffee shop
  44. calligraphy
  45. walking in the park holding hands
  46. back hug
  47. cuddling
  48. drinking herbal teas
  49. looking at art and illustrations
  50. listening to podcasts

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