Ranting Day is over… :) Life keeps going anyway

To think that I only really needed a day to rant and think over my situation, is very intriguing. Now I’m not saying that I’ve forgotten the whole situation and the turn in my life it took; I’m just saying that through these experiences and the lessons that I’ve learning how to keep my life going. Time stop for no one, so why should I try to stop my life just because of my troubles. Yesterday I was wallowing in my sadness, listening to sad love songs (only making it worse – but good thing I didn’t cry at work); today I’m smiling and listening to upbeat happy songs. Good thing it’s sunny today, I don’t like cloudy weather anyway. Currently listening to BTS – Run J Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook’s voice are soo angelic ❤ and I’m dancing to the song. I wasn’t even doing that yesterday. I feel so full of energy ^^ Dashi run run run… love this song. Ohh Trouble Maker by Trouble Maker hehe I’m listening to my GOT7 Radio on Pandora, I’m happy kpop is an option. Where would I be if I didn’t have kpop to help me cope??? Yeah nowhere. Heh well TGIF hope you guys have a great weekend!!!! 

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