?Jaden Smith wants to be a Kpop Star?

First of all what’s his reasoning? Does he know the process or does he just want international fans? He needs to know the process. Just because he’s ‘famous’ in America that doesn’t mean he will automatically be able to survive or even be accepted in S.Korea. It’s not all fun and games; it takes hard work, persistence, patience and perseverance. Is he sure he wants to do pop or does he have an interest in khiphop? Which is sort of different from the kpop industry, but I’m not sure of how different it is.
Factors that play into being a kpop star: (my personal thoughts and also what I’ve learned from kpop idols)
Auditions: If he successfully passes the auditions and is able to get into a company he comes a trainee.
          Superstar K
          Companies (the BIG 3) – YG, SM, & JYP
          Show Me the Money
          Online (Auditions are also available)
Trainee: He could be a trainee for years before he debuts, he’ll also go through tough times.
          Trainee Life – from what I’ve heard it is the main growth part of your career (must be willing to make these ‘changes’ to be a kpop star)
o   Diets – losing weight to fit the body type of the company
o   Exercise – getting muscle, cause you need strength for dancing
o   Voice training – you want to be a singer? You will have a vocal coach (tweaking your voice to its higher potential)
o   Dance lessons – want to dance? Learning the unique dance moves as well as being in-sync with everyone in your group
o   Korean Lessons  – is a MUST – since you’re trying to a ‘kpop’ singer in s.korea & also if English is your first language
Debuting: Oh dear. You can’t just have int. fans you also need a Korean netizen fanbase (you’re in s.korea remember)
I saw a couple people mention that being black would be a problem?! Yes & No. Yes it could be, but No (I honestly think you shouldn’t play the race card) because if this your ‘dream’, putting race aside you can make it.
Int. fans help only a little in the beginning of your career, Koreans will need to like you first in order for you to succeed as well as being able to stay in the music industry in s.korea.
There are Pros and Cons about being a kpop idol.
          ‘Family’ – with your company (depends on the company)
          Fan Meets
          Following your passion
          Money – (depends)
          Health problems/Body Imaging Issues
*i wrote this back in 2016*
**was super frustrated and wanted to rant**

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