Why is it so satisfying to watch Mukbangers?!


I like watching Keemi’s YouTube videos. The videos are very & extremely mouth-watering and somehow they became addiction. At first, I disliked the chewing sounds… now i wouldn’t have it either way. Odd? No, not really. It just makes it more satisfying to hear how yummy it really is. Now when I go to Korean restaurants, I now make sure I can hear myself chewing the food. It makes me smile, almost as if I’m also filming a mukbang and it’s very enjoyable. Eating food is supposed to make you happy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

 Yesterday, I went to Korean House off of Charlotte Pike (in Nashville), with a friend from work.I ordered kimbap & ddeokbokki. When the kimbap came, I just dug in savoring the taste with every bite; and when the ddeok arrived I started salivating. Getting napkins ready and simply demolished the ddeokbokki and half of the kimbap. Although all my food costs me $22, it was totally worth it.


I think another reason why I enjoy watching mukbangers like Ben Deen is because it make me full. You may be thinking ‘How does that even make sense Their the ones eating the food not you?!’ and honestly I cant explain it. Watching mukbangers isn’t for everyone, but for me I’m able to enjoy eating Korean food without actually eating it or leaving my seat. 


*If you want to check out their channels click on the links below:

Keemi kim – https://www.youtube.com/c/keemiii

Instagram – KEEMIKIM

Twitter – Keemi1234567

Snapchat – sseul0601

BenDeen – https://www.youtube.com/user/djbendine

Instagram: @ben_deen

Twitter: @bendeenyt

Patreon: patreon.com/bendeen

**Also if you want to see kid mukbangers (which was actually my first introduction ‘mukbangers’) click on the link below:

***Also I’m not getting sponsored by them or anything I just enjoy their content and willing to share with others. 🙂 

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