People tend to associate the color blue with depression. Not for me. It’s my favorite color and whenever I see it, I smile. Why? Well for me…
It makes me think of summer, the waves crashing at the beach (that I haven’t seen in 5 years), happiness (that I don’t get enough of), sunshine/sunlight, warm but not too hot weather, wearing shorts and short sleeves all day and night, driving down the interstate with your hands out the windows, drinking a Jones Berry Lemonade Soda^^, the sun beaming down on your smiling face, eating ice cream, drinking boba tea, laughter, hanging with friends and family, peace, positive thoughts, Hawk Nelson’s California song, concerts, going to the park, children’s laughter. Yes those are the things that come to mind and many more.
I’m supposing people think of depression and sadness with the color blue cause of the expression ‘I’m feeling blue today’ or maybe the genre Blues(which in and of its self sounds depressing and sad).

I do have a center shade that I prefer, and when I see it I squeal out of pure joy. BUT I will add that when I see it accompanied with a car that has them flashing, I get stiff. Though not all blue colors are attractive it’s eye catching and I’ll notice it more, sense it related to my favorite color. After figuring out that I was attracted to a specific shade of blue I had to do my research. I found the name of my preferred shade of blue it’s called Laguna Blue which I found on the 2015 Z06 Corvette Convertible J; which Corvette’s also happens to be my favorite car, with the quad exhaust pipes in the rear of the vehicle.

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