Thoughts + ‘Advice’ at Two Years: Changing Careers, Finding Partnership and Accepting Balance

Something personal today.

First Home. Last Sunset.

This is my little corner of the world. I’ve lived here, on my own, since 2012. Yesterday was my last full day as its occupant : ( Today is my first day officially living with J : ) As I was moving out, I realized there are so many things we do and experience every day and yet have no record of it. So I decided to record a video of the sunset while I wrote in my journal, so I could remember it this way.

I’m very sentimental and attached when it comes to this place. As a child of relatively poor divorced immigrant parents, it really has embodied the idea of the American Dream for me. But beyond that, for me it’s been a witness, a shelter, a stage. My home has seen my highs of one period of my life, been…

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