10 Paradoxes of the INFP

INFP Insights

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my self-discovery as an INFP, it is that my mind is one giant paradox. Full of contradictions, confusions and a longing for a sense of balance and equilibrium. This is largely due to the INFP’s cognitive functions, which often oppose one another. Fi seeks harmony with our internal, subjective values and ideals, whereas Te seeks objectivity. Ne wants to explore new ideas, whereas Si demands consistency and stability. It is now wonder INFPs often feel a sense of cognitive dissonance! Without further ado, here are 10 paradoxes of the INFP personality (and a bonus poem reflecting on my personal paradoxical mind).

10 Paradoxes of the INFP

1. Avoiding drawing attention to yourself, yet desperately wanting to be seen and heard

I’ve always struggled with hating being the centre of attention, but desperately wanting to express myself and he heard. I hate promoting…

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