“Today” – An Inspirational Poem

My thoughts exactly^^

INFP Insights

The following poem is a reflection on feelings of apathy, isolation and stagnation, coming to the realisation that change can only begin today…


A strange sense of distance

From this separation I feel

From two worlds, will they ever meet?

So far removed, yet still remains

This longing for the future

While aching for the past

In the present moment I hardly exist

Who am I, what am I doing here?

I don’t want to be stuck, or tied down

I want to be free to fly

And spread my wings

It is in the choices I fall short

Maybe something, somewhere, deep inside

Wants to be heard, noticed, unbound

But at the same time, wants to remain

Locked away, safe, restrained

You see, the problem is

I want to fly though the clouds

With my feet firmly planted on the ground

Full of wanderlust, all alone

I want…

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