“Drowning in the Sea of a Sensitive Mind” – An Inspirational Poem

INFP Insights

Drowning in longing

For something pure, something real

I gasp for air

Reaching for you, but you’re not there

The twisted workings of my mind

Like a merry-go-round

Spinning out of control

Imaginary delusions on patrol

I want to escape

The feeling that nothing is wrong, but nothing is right

My world is changing

My heart is ageing

My face is calm

But my mind is screaming

My heart is racing

My soul is aching

The disharmony of a mind divided

Two enemy camps, sparking fights with fires

One says yes, the other says no

One says stay, the other says go

Why is it it, that I do everything right

Yet everything feels wrong

It is never good enough

When my expectations take flight

I am a constant contradiction

Thanks to the wars within my mind

That haunt me day and night

But to which others are blind


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