10 experiences INFPs will instantly relate to

Catherine Chea


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If you identify with the INFP personality type, I’m sure you’re aware of just how strange we can be. We’re described as highly individualistic, idealistic, empathetic, and reserved. With these traits come some experiences that invariably makes us feel like we are a different species altogether. Here are 10 experiences most INFPs will instantly relate to:

1. Seeing fake people everywhere.

Or at least that’s how it seems. Because Introverted Feeling is our dominant function, we value authenticity. This translates to us wanting people to be their true selves, even in public. So when people mask their true feelings or say or do things just to conform, we feel like hurling. We see through people’s fake happy smiles and we’re irritated by show-offs and superficiality. What’s even more annoying is that INFPs often become other people’s emotional dumping ground. We have high levels…

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