I’m happy with my choice 180110

I used to have a main account on ig but having since deleted it … heh I can’t remember my old username. Hmm oh well. During my college years I had 2 IG accounts, like I said my ‘main’ one (which I deleted) and a drawing one: @infired_drawing – after finally settling on a name that fit me… kinda.sorta.no.not.really. yup. ANYWAY. I realized that my drawing account was no longer about drawing and design; it was become main ‘main’ account once more. Not good! So a few days ago I decided why don’t I just go ahead and create that music channel [I mean account] on IG; to promote underground Korean artists on SoundCloud. YES. That was my initial reasoning, but I since I don’t just listen to Korean artists (in general) on {SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube}. Huh?? Sorry. What I’m trying to say is that my music tastes are all over the place. Yes, maybe most of the people I listen to are Korean, but the other artists/producer are in different genres and languages. Yeah ALL OVER THE PLACE! 
My “new” music channel, I mean account on IG is @princessplaylists___ [you know you watch too much YouTube when you keep calling your IG account your IG channel] – my current problem. Although. I did have in mind to make a YouTube channel playlists of artists I listen to on a daily, but I felt I would just be copying @/danielionsmusic & @danielionsplaylists . Which is why IG coming in so handy for this particular issue. 
I thought I had more to talk about, which eventually I believe I will. BUT. For now, I don’t. sorry?! 
When it comes to music, I feel like I’m most productive about it when I’m at work or driving in my car… im currently taking my music ‘break’ and watching a mukbang on YouTube [which is my 3rd favorite thing to watch on YouTube — @입짧은햇님she eats really well and a lot of it too^^ you guys should check her out! I do realize that I have yet to post this but hey it’s worth just to get my thoughts out on paper [in a sense]

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I’ll talk to you guys later^^

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