The Korean national anthem

Sofie to Korea

Wow, it apparently took me almost two weeks of 2018 before I finally got around to updating my blog. Happy (very belated) new year. I also just realized that I can celebrate my 3-year anniversary with my blog this January. I feel like so much has happened in that time.

So, with the arrival of 2018, the PyeongChang Winter Olympics are now right around the corner and everywhere in Seoul the two cute mascots, the snow tiger and the grizzly bear, are saluting passersby. In front of City Hall, there is even a countdown clock reminding people how many days, hours, minutes, seconds are left until it begins on February 9th. I figured I would take this chance to introduce you all to the Korean national anthem, also known as 애국가 (Aegukga), meaning “patriotic song”. You’ll probably hear it a lot during the Olympics, and if you’re a Korean learner…

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