Escape Game x May 30 2018

*This morning I did not want to wake up like usual, I also did not sleep that well last night… thinking about them. I have not been able to sleep for a few months now, even if I do feel ‘rested’ as soon as I get to work I have no energy*

Good thing I picked out what I wanted to wear last night, though I could not find a belt. I think I got rid of them all or maybe I threw them away.

I got this shirt online from Hollister, these pants (I think my mom bought them for me), these cute brown shoes I recently bought from Kohl’s?

my jacket is from @thegoodbunnyclub [I really enjoy her artsy style & willing to support her when I’m not broke xox]

Last night I had my hair braided in pigtails, so this morning I just unraveled them, brushed my hair, oiled it up and *wahlah* my current hair situation; I have to deal with this messed up rainy weather we have 🙃

We have a massage company that comes every Wednesday to our building. I’ve had them so many times that I had to get a membership and now I get half-off every massage^^

It is a big room. I took these pictures to show you: here the table you lay on *with your clothes on* and here is some of their information.

This is my lunch^^ Fake chicken and noodles from last weekend.

I love listening to music to pass the time. YouTube has the best selections for me^^

This morning was a DPR Live morning, then I was listening to this playlist, oh and I have recently been addicted to this song on this new Korean show called ‘The Unit’. playlists

1. Eung Freestyle – DPR Live, Sik-k, Groovyroom, Flowsik, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz

2. Shutdown the Party – Sik-k ft. Crush

3. I got this – Jay Park

4. Sunday – Groovyroom ft Heize & Jay Park

5. Don’t you know – Heize

The sun was out so I had to take a walk, taking these headphones with me to listen to music. I ended up listening to this playlist.

I am currently at work and it has been a slow day. I worked on and completed a couple of tickets. For some reason I am tired and need someone to talk to. And Yes💕, someone has come to mind, but he has been busy all day – yep he is still in a meeting. Good thing I am staying here longer, since I got here late. I might be able to ‘talk’ to him later. Well unless he leaves right after he gets out. hm we’ll just call him Angel.

Finally out of my meeting and stopped by Angel’s desk ^^

I still have some work to finish before leaving to go ‘The Escape Game’

Yay WE ESCAPED!!! It was very stressful, it was my first time ever doing an escape game — there’s me on the top-left wearing my green DPR Regime shirt ^^

Afterwards we ate dinner at Taco Mamacita:

They even have vegan options

I had Korean BBQ tacos & sweet potato fries w/ jalapeño ranch:

On the way home I had a nice drive while listening to a ss501 playlist.

That’s my day^^ hopefully tomorrow will be a new adventure

See ya!!

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