Apparently is was Macaroon Day x May 31 2018

My morning started at 8:30am. I’m so happy to be working remotely today. From 8:30 to around 5:30 I was busy busy working. Good thing I remembered to eat lunch today

I think this is bridge something pizza… kekeke

Nothing that interesting really happened today at least while I was working from home… after I stopped working at 6pm 🙃 I realized I probably wouldn’t have time to get things done [household chores & going to camp meeting]. After realizing I wasn’t going to make it to Camp Meeting, I decided to just go grocery shopping. But first I needed to pick a recipe….

Found this last minute

And what I mean is literally last minute. After talking with Angel I noticed how late in the afternoon it was and everything was closing🤭😩.

Since I was already out of the house I was really craving boba so I drove all the way to Royal BobaTheir menu

because I tried only one flavor I give them a 3.5/5

I explained my disappointment to Angel, he’s so cute☺️😊

Since none of the International Markets were open I just decided to go to Kroger hoping I’d find what I needed, which I kinda-sorta-no-not-really did.

After coming home and cutting up all my ingredients:

So happy to find the beef I needed

I started following the instructions/directions and it turned out pretty decent.

I used a korean app – 해먹남녀

Doesn’t the Yukgaejang look yummy?!

I will have to admit it was as tasty as I had hoped because I didn’t used all the ingredients I was supposed to use.

I added some rice because it needed something else

Today I ate pretty late..later than usual. I don’t like to eat after 9 but I ate when it was almost 11pm. I know really late.

I had some drawing prompts that I needed to draw tonight that Angel gave me yesterday.

Tokidoki Unicorn

If you want to check out more of my drawing prompts go to my IG: @infired_design

Well that’s how my day was.. not much. But it was pretty stressful.

I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s post!!!

Goodnight 💤😴

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