June 1st 2018

I cant believe May is gone.
@mimochai calendar

This is how I welcome in the month of June.

Today looked pretty rainy soo all black for me, luckily the sun came out this afternoon★

Wanna know what made my day?? @dprcream was live on IG and I didn’t miss it this time. I missed his lives for the past 3 months 😓😭



Leftover Yukgaejang & Pizza from yesterday

I received this tea in Ao Care Package from @mimochai




I also cleaned my messy desk..

(Sorry I don’t have before pictures)

These were in my Ao Care Package as well

Clean desk = clear mind






The Young Adults met in Ray Hall


Song Service

Our theme: Before And After

This week, all of our speakers gave a Before and After testimony/talk about how they were before their relationship w/ God and now having a relationship with Him, how their pushing forward in their walk with God and the lesson he’s taught them.

It’s been quite a powerful week.






This Sabbath is the last day of Camp Meeting! I’m going to miss seeing all the new faces as well as other members of churches I’ve visited.

It’s time to sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a full day. Gnight!!

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