‘Fun’ Saturday

June 2, 2018

img_6062 [ootd]

Today was the last day of Camp Meeting in Portland^^ I didn’t realize how many would even be there.. I should have taken photos of how many ppl attended, but of course there’s always next year.



BEST Korean Fried Chicken in Nashville!!!!



Left Camp Meeting after service to go meet Angel for food. Haven’t seen him in 1 day..well technically I saw him Friday; but it was still good to see him 1-on-1. and NO it was not a date. (I didn’t see it like that, though I don’t know how he saw it)..

Anyways, Umami was good as always and we had a good conversation about Anime, how I got into kpop and food. See fun stuff..

[Heh I know that I’m wanting this to be somewhat of  a ‘personal’ blog, but there are some things I’m not comfortable in sharing that I’m going to leave out.



Saucy Bar


Yes they play kpop videos here^^
the bar..and other seating


Have you ever heard of Kimchi Fries?!?! It’s soo good!
& dis is the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) soo yummy

After eating, we chatted a bit, then left to our separate ways. I drove back to Camp Meeting because we had our LAST meeting at 6pm. If my phone hadn’t died, I would have been able to show you photos of the beautiful weather as well as my friends/acquaintances.  Even though I didn’t mention this yesterday I found out the ‘Guy in the red shirt’ name – its Josh. (heh I think I’ll keep referrring to him that way) uhm don’t know if I should mention this or not, but I think Josh likes me… Maybe I’m too friendly to people.


starting the cleanse with a mix: Grapefruit juice, Orange Juice, Castor Oil, and Olive Oil… It tasted like plastic death..


Back at home to do the dreaded cleanse. After I drank all of the right-sided drinks I had to go to bed. [Such a ‘depressing’ night].

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