Recap of Week 4-8

No Filming x Gaming Tonight – June 5, 2018

This morning as I walked into that office I saw Angel was the only one sitting in his area, so of course I went over to talk with him He looked tired and freakin aborbs ^^

Seriously! He is hella attractive and every time I see him, I have to smile

Today was the day I was able to eat some real REAL food! I was ecstatic and craving for too many things; yesterday I bought Angel a ton Reese’s from Dollar Tree ^^ I knew he was going to have a rough week this week with all his meetings and that this surprise of him favorite candy would brighten his mood.

Feeling Relief and Stress Simultaneously – June 6, 2018

Yes, my title is what I am currently experiencing.

Have you even locked your keys, wallet, phone and purse in your car? No? Just me? You lying!

*sigh* well that happened to me today… I will say that leaving my phone, purse, wallet in my car is not a big deal; it turns into a HUGE deal when your keys are in there too! Its sad cause I was listening to music on my iPod and I left that in my purse as well… I have the headphones but not the [music device/s].

Heh I saw Angel today and just WOW! I was judging him so hard because his style is ALWAYS on point. You have no clue. In addition, of course he looked better than I…did. I remember when I used to tease him for being short, then we both realized we duh-same height 0_o yeah – I think I am around 5’7’’ or so. He thoroughly enjoyed his Reese’s from yesterday YAY! Still hella handsome.

Was in meetings for about 2 hours then was able to get my father to come unlock my car^^ I went to Your Pie for my monthly pizza.


I keep forgetting that I am going out of town this weekend with friends/acquaintances to the Jeju Sauna & Spa Home of Wellbeing. After we get out of church, all 16! YES sixteen of us are driving to GA.

I am hoping to take plenty of Instagram worthy photos why we are there.

Happy to enjoy the weather today, even if it was just at 15min walk^^

After work since I had some free time I was debating on how to spend it.. I decided to drive to the other side of town to K&S International Market – for korean food; since I’ve been craving for some recently.



*okay. so this is real. and is from last year..*

**i did this when i was trying to “journal” everyday.. pretty much failed but also didnt publish this either**

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