Work Realization

David Speaks

Last Friday night after returning home from welcoming in the Sabbath at church Vespers service, best believe I was ready to catch some z’s. That morning I woke up early around 5 like I always do to prepare for work, and then I ended up working an extra two hours because I wasn’t quite finished by 3 pm. My sleep pattern can be a little bit off. I have never shared this before with you all, but sometimes I wake up around 3 am and then at 5 am. Why my sleep pattern is like this I don’t know. Maybe it’s what I’m eating. Maybe I’m not falling asleep early enough. Courtni believes that perhaps God is trying to tell me something.

The following morning, once more I woke up around 3, drifted back to sleep, and then cracked my eyes open again at 5. Remembering what Courtni said, I…

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