Introvert. Type 5. INFP. What else am I??

Growing up I loved reading. Was always in my head. Didn’t really have friends. And always thought myself to be weird (when around other people). I basically grew up basically an only child (being the youngest of 3 girls — all 8 years apart) — I know sounds tragic.

It wasn’t until college that I had “real friends” but even then didn’t seem to mesh well with them. There were many times where I would just be by myself and miss out on events and other things (if I’d been with them). During that time I honestly didn’t know who I was and what I wanted for myself. I only really liked college for the socialization I was able to have and the trips we went on.

After 2 years at Southern, I didn’t know what I really wanted for my life. I ‘thought’ I did before; by 2014 I had no clue. The only thing I seemed good at was my summer internship. Which I ending up staying at for 4 1/2 years (as a full-time temporary intern). No PTO, but I worked 40 hrs a week like an FTE but no overtime. Looking back now, I should have left and did something else.

I didn’t have any experience in anything else and was afraid I wouldn’t have a job, that my parents would kick me out and I would have no money. So I ended up staying for all those 4 years+. It’s 2019, I’m still here… I’m now FTE and still working with overtime. I now have a REAL TITLE! But it’s still hard explaining exactly what I do. I have real friends now, I don’t care anymore if it’s a small number of people or not.

I realize this really has nothing to with the title of this blog. But I just needed something that would catch someone’s eye^^

Have a good Monday~

TLeah. E.

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